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Norwegian salmon - perfect in any dish

There is no secret behind the delicious Norwegian salmon. It is the Norwegian nature and cold, clear waters that make it perfect.

Norwegian salmon - perfect in any dish

Norwegian salmon is always a good choice

There are more than a thousand ways to prepare salmon! Raw, baked, with pasta, fresh or smoked, from appetizers to main courses, through salads and first courses - Norwegian salmon is always a good choice. This fish easily matches endless combinations of flavours and can be used in countless dishes, so you can serve a Norwegian salmon meal according to everyone's desires and taste.

Norwegian salmon has a set of qualities that we cannot find anywhere else. The salmon grows slowly in the cold, clear waters in the Norwegian fjords and oceans which gives it a taste and quality that makes it perfect in any dish. The most committed, professional and experienced people, who have the highest respect for our natural resources and the future of our planet, secures the quality of the product available to you. 

Quality in every step

Salmon is one of the most popular fish in the world. Known worldwide for its exceptional quality, the Atlantic species is found only in the cold seas of the northern hemisphere. The Norwegian coastline, which extends to the Arctic, offers ideal conditions for this Atlantic salmon. It loves these cold and clear waters where it can live in its natural environment, housed in spacious and sustainable sea farms.

There is no secret behind the delicious Norwegian salmon, it is nature that makes it perfect. Norwegian salmon is raised with particular attention and care for its well-being and the environment. With respect for the natural cycle of the animal, it is allowed to grow slowly in large pens located along the coast. Fed with carefully selected feed which allows the Norwegian salmon to grow at its own natural pace and develop a tasty flavor, firm texture and intense colour.