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Seafood from Norway

About Seafood from Norway

Seafood from Norway – World-class seafood from our cold, clear waters. 'Seafood from Norway' shows Norway to be the country of origin.

Proudly representing "Seafood from Norway" 

Several million Norwegian seafood meals are served every day all over the world. Norwegian seafood is unique because it comes from cold, clear waters, is based on generations of experience, uses cutting-edge technology and expertise, and is harvested and farmed in a sustainable manner to make sure that we take care of our ocean and resources for generations to come.

The Norwegian Seafood Council proudly represents Seafood from Norway. The trademark stands for our natural environment and the people who work in the industry – people who are extraordinary, dependable and proud to represent seafood from Norway. Our reputation is based on a combination of assets that would be hard to match anywhere else in the world: our clear, cold waters and amazing natural resources, combined with respect for nature, coastal culture and long-established traditions.

In the Seafood business?

The Norwegian Seafood Council proudly represents Seafood from Norway. Our activities focus on three main areas - marketing, market insight and communications. Please visit us on for more information. There you can find more information relating to our international operations, find exporters of Norwegian seafood, learn about our Joint Marketing Programme and licencing of the "Seafood from Norway"-trademark.