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Stories from Norway

Norwegian prawns – A frozen delicacy

These frozen cold water prawns from Norway are peeled, cooked and ready to use. 

Norwegian prawns – A frozen delicacy

Versatile and delicious prawns

Cold-water prawns are one of the most versatile seafood there is. With already peeled and cooked prawns in your freezer, you can appreciate this Norwegian delicacy in no time. Whereas fresh and unpeeled prawns often are associated with a fresh prawn sandwich, these peeled, frozen prawns serve as a convenient product to your everyday meal.

In addition to being peeled and precooked, you don’t need to spend time defrosting them. Because of their individual sizing, they heat up in no time. Simply add the frozen prawn directly into different warm dishes and enjoy the delicious sweet and ocean like flavor.

Norwegian prawns - a high-quality product

The peeled and frozen Norwegian prawns are a high-quality product, precooked and ready to use. Cold water prawns lives in the ice-cold waters of the Norwegian fjords and coastal areas, as well as the North Sea and the Barents Sea. It's the perfect living conditions for the prawns, where the cold water temperatures make them grow and mature slowly. Effective regulation of the prawn stock by the Norwegian fishing industry ensures that prawns are the perfect sustainable product. 

The Norwegian prawns are well known for its quality in taste. You can either add them directly into soups, pasta or woks without defrosting them, or you can enjoy them in cold dishes. In which case the defrosting can be done in different ways, none of which deteriorates the flavor. To defrost the frozen prawns, you can either run them under cold water for 90 seconds, put them on a plate for 30 minutes, or put them I the fridge overnight. Every technique will leave you with a fresh product that is easy to use.

Easy everyday dinner ideas with prawns

With this quick and easy prawn product in your freezer, it is time to try out a few prawn dishes. Prawns and pasta make a great combination. With this quick and easy pasta dish, simply add your family's favourite ingredients. Try spicing things up with some garlic, ginger or chili, that also brings out other amazing flavours in the prawns. What about marinating them in a spicy tomato sauce before serving them with pasta?

The next time you make tacos, why not try them with prawns? It's ever so tasty, and the kids will love them! Prawns are also perfect for salads and poke bowls.

If you are a sucker for traditional taste, you can never go wrong with the classic "Skagenrøre". Needless to say, prawns are an irreplaceable ingredient in any fish soup. They add both taste and texture and provide the perfect everyday meal for you and your family.

Easy and convenient - with peeled and cooked prawns, dinner will be done in no time!

Dinner time

In the town of Asker, just outside Oslo, a family of four – Hanne and Cato Gjertsen and their children Zakarias (13) and Anniken (8) – has just come home after a long day at work and school. In just a couple of hours, the kids are off to football and ice hockey practice, leaving precious little time to prepare and enjoy a long-cooked meal.

"Preparing a tasty and nutritious dinner with high-quality ingredients doesn’t have to take long. Today, for instance, we are having fish soup with frozen prawns," says Cato.

The kitchen smells of freshly cut herbs and vegetables. The creamy fish soup is ready, and Cato adds the frozen prawns to the soup, just a couple of minutes before serving.

"With so much going on, we rarely spend much time together during the day. A good and tasty dinner is part of our daily routine. It is when we get to have some family time," Cato says.