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Seafood from Norway


Norwegian mackerel with its distinct tiger stripes is the juiciest mackerel, because it is caught from a sustainable stock when the quality is at its best in the cold, clear waters of Norway.

Nutritional information

Mackerel is rich in protein, omega-3s, vitamins B12 and D and iodine.

Catch range

North Sea, the Norwegian Sea and Skagerrak. 


Norwegian mackerel is fished between May and November, with the biggests catches caught from September to November.

Swimming freely and feeding in the cold, clear waters of our coastline, the Norwegian mackerel has become a common and much sought-after catch. It's easy to spot because of its distinctive tiger stripes and shape. Loaded with omega-3, healthy fats and protein, this fast-swimming shoaling fish is juicy, tasty and rapidly moving towards the top of the list of the world’s superfood enthusiasts, with good reason.

No matter what kitchen or world of flavours you get your inspiration from, mackerel can be enjoyed in countless ways. Grilled or fried, whole or as fillets, in casserole dishes or boiled, and served warm or cold. It is as versatile as your imagination. If you are out of ideas, just try one of the recipes below.