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Stuffed Norwegian Mackerel with Bearnaise Sauce

Did you know that Norwegian mackerel is also the perfect fish for a homemade luxury meal? Try out this juicy recipe!

Cooking timeOver 60 min
Difficulty levelDifficult




  1. Add all the marinade ingredients to the Norwegian mackerel and marinate it for at least an hour.


  1. Slice and mince chorizo, black olives, shallot, celery, dill, and cornichon. Cut the bell pepper into very small dice shapes, and delicately slice the shrimp.
  2. Place chorizo ​​and minced garlic on a pan and stir fry. Then, add all the ingredients from Step 1 to stir fry together. Then, add lemon juice and white wine over high heat to blow off the alcohol. Then add breadcrumbs to thicken the density and cool it.

Bearnaise Sauce

  1. Stir-fry shallot slices and minced garlic. Add white wine and bring to a boil. Add whole peppercorns, bay leaves, clam stock, lemongrass, and wine vinegar and bring to a boil again, then filter through a sieve.
  2. Boil water in a pot and mix 3 egg yolks and butter until the consistency is thick. Add the stock from Step 1 to adjust the consistency and taste, then add minced dill and saffron to finish.

Grilled Norwegian Mackerel

  1. Place stuffing inside the marinated Norwegian mackerel fillet and wrap it well with the remaining Norwegian mackerel fillet. Tie the cooking twine to hold the shape.
  2. Cook the Norwegian mackerel from Step 1 on a pan, and then cook in an oven at 180 degrees for 5-10 minutes.
  3. Spread butter-cooked spinach and Bearnaise sauce on a plate and top with Norwegian mackerel, chervil, and borage to serve.