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Seafood from Norway


Norwegian  clipfish has perfect flaking, flavour and texture, providing for the authentic  clipfish  experience. Clipfish is made of sustainably caught fish from the cold, clear waters of Norway, salted and dried according to the long traditions of genuine Norwegian craftsmanship.

Nutritional information

Clipfish is rich in protein, vitamins A, D and B12, selenium and omega-3s.


Norwegian clipfish is available all year round.

The taste of Norwegian clipfish is the result of cod, ling, saithe, cusk and other whitefish living freely in clean, clear Arctic oceans throughout their lives. After the fish is captured, most of its backbone is removed, allowing it to be folded out into the distinctive triangular shape of clipfish. This makes it easier to salt the fish evenly, as well as drying and pressing it. The salt extracts the water and saturates the remaining water content of the fish with salt. This process of maturation usually takes a few months.

Norwegian clipfish has the same health benefits as other lean whitefish. Because the water has been removed, the nutritional content in clipfish is more concentrated than in fresh fish. This means that clipfish is rich in proteins and vitamins A and D, which are especially important during the winter.

Thanks to the high-quality cod from the clean, cold Norwegian sea - refined with age-old crafting techniques - the Norwegian clipfish has just the right texture, taste and flaking to make it the traditional and obvious choice for Bacalao.