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Seafood from Norway

Norway lobster

The Norway lobster, also known as langoustine, has a sweet and delicious taste. It thrives in the cold clear waters of Norway and resides along nearly all the Norwegian coast. This accessible lobster can make friends with a whole world of different flavours.

Nutritional information

Norway lobster is rich in protein, vitamin B12, selenium and iodine.

Catch range

Along the Norwegian coast north to the Lofoten Islands, in the North Sea and in the strait of Skagerrak. 


Norway lobsters are in season all year round.

Worldwide, Norway lobster is mostly caught with trawls, which can damage the seabed. In Norway, the Norway lobster is generally harvested with traps sunk into the ocean, which is one of the least invasive methods of catching seafood there is. Norway lobster populations are also being monitored by the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES), making sure that Norway Lobster fishery does not upset the balance of marine ecosystems.

Norway lobster has a sweet, mild taste and the meat is firm and white. The meat in the claws, head and tail is excellent. It can be grilled, steamed or pan-fried, and is ideal mixed with other shellfish in dishes like casseroles and soups. Nutrition-wise, it’s also a wonder. It's rich in selenium and iodine and like most seafood, it's full of protein and vitamin B12.

How to buy

Look for the Seafood from Norway logo to buy Norway lobster, or ask the employers at the fish counter for Norwegian seafood.