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Fjord Trout Spring Rolls

If you fancy something new and exciting, a fun idea is to make your own trout spring rolls. Healthy and full of flavor from coriander, chili and garlic.

Cooking time20 min
Difficulty levelEasy



  • Cut the Fjord Trout into strips.

  • Use a julienne or knife to cut the red radish, carrot, white radish, cucumber and pickled ginger into thin strips.

  • Cut the spring onion in thin slices and finely chop the coriander and chili pepper.

  • Mix red radish, carrot, white radish, cucumber, pickled ginger, spring onion, coriander and chili pepper for the filling.

  • Soak the rice paper briefly in water and place on a chopping board or your counter top.

  • Place two tablespoons of vegetable filling in the center of each rice paper and spread as a line in the middle.

  • Place the Fjord Trout strips over the filling. Fold each side of the rice paper inward and wrap up tightly.


  • Crush the chili and garlic in a mortar, then add sugar until it turns into a paste.

  • Add rice vinegar, lime juice and soy sauce and blend into a smooth sauce.

Serve the spring rolls with the sauce on the side.